Smart Whiz Enterprise



With SMART, you'll be able to fulfil your business needs through our wide variety of solutions. You can start from a basic lite version and slowly upgrade your way to a more robust and advanced module when the time comes to meet your business expansion needs. This is possible with our systems that are modular and adaptable. We've been through a lot to understand different business situations and confident that you'll find what you need with us.

One Ez

Enhance operational capabilities with this user-friendly POS system. This is a lite version of TouchPOS, of which you can upgrade when the need arises. So easy & affordable for any new startup or switch from cash register.
download : One-Ez.pdf

One F&B

Enjoy seamless process flow, from order-taking to the kitchen and payments. The system stores all important information so that you can benefit from greater efficiency. OneF&B is a lite version of TouchF&B, offering 80% of TouchF&B features. You have the option to upgrade when your business expands.
download : One-F&B.pdf


Get online updates on all transactions, stocks, cash, members and many more. Be it one or multiple outlets, you can distribute & do inventory management in a few quick step. This ease up a lot of burden to allocate stocks to multi outlets or transfer stocks within outlets.
download : Touch-POS.pdf


Beside seamless flow of order to kitchen to payment, this complete digital POS system allows you to have multiple kiosks and cashier points within the same outlets. Track sales trend and enjoy additional functions of inventory management. Speedy services surely could boost the business.
download : Touch-F&B.pdf


An automated and flexible system that has the ability to manage POS across multiple outlets. Keep tabs on menu distribution, member, promotion, price & so on. You can group outlets by business type, location etc and align above retail activities to each group. Imagine how much work it saves especially when you have so many outlets to manage. Dedicated promotion module to simplify the complex promotional activities. Plus, its powerful reporting tool will enable teams to customise data for further analysis.
download : I-Center.pdf

BizSQL Inventory

Monitor stock movements and be in the know of stock situation at all times. Flexible system to set price point & quantity distribution across counters.You can also run promotion or royalty campaign. This inventory module is linked to the accounting module which allows you to assess the business' profitability instantly.
download : Inventory.pdf

BizSQL Accounting

Get seamless process flow from sales, purchase to cash book integrity. Auto posting reduce human error. You can also drill down & search for immediate information. You make good business decisions will key reports & analysis eg Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss; even flexible enough for format editing & export to excel for further analytical requirements.
download : Accounting.pdf